If you want to learn more about our privacy policy, please find detailed information here. I never found a sweet spot that allowed great low, mid and high velocities, even trying out the different Velocity Curves. For rimshots on my snare, do i use the keith raper piezo-switch diagram? Originally posted by grandaddy View Post. This device features an advanced footswitch that allows for control over other parameters, such as changing kits with your foot. Specially if you do not have a drum machine module or it is just simple. I’m sure everyone appreciates it.

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For beginners wanting to eventually drum to metal, the Alesis is the ideal instrument. Thanks for the reply. The general Good and Bad There are many good things about this unit. For clean integration into your drummer set or percussion setup, gently mount the device iO on a rack using the optional E-Percussion Mount.

Response was non-existant unless I absolutely wailed on alrsis cymbal and even then, it would trigger 1 out of And I could do foot chicks and splashes without any problem at all.

Additionally, inputs are each a stereo input so you can have more than one trigger per input, which helps to create a trigger device. Setting both notes the same was all that was required to make it work well.


With some more tweaks, perhaps along with physical modification of a PD, I could probably live with using the dual-piezo feature, even with the Velocity Curve bugging me. I found myself many times thinking I was editing the Head only to find out A,esis was editing the Rim. Answered November 25, at Once plugged in, you are free to play sounds with your Alesis recorder directly from drumming kits onto synths, drumming modules, or even computers.

Any help, tips or comments would be greatly appreciated. Viewing 3 posts – 1 through 3 of 3 total.


Pd I used the PD in both the Snare input 2 and Tom 2 input 6it didn’t make a difference between them. This item doesn’t belong on this page.

Additional Product Features Product Type. Same problem with the velocity curve, but even more pronounced.

Alesis Trigger iO Digital Recording Interface

A large number of customizable trigger settings allow users to perfectly adjust the sounds to their particular needs. It is hard to know at this early stage what should be expected.

This is a drumming module from Toontrack, and it contains samples of real drumming kits, a virtual mixer, and loop functions, so whether you are just starting out or gigging around the country, you are sure to rock out. I could hear wlesis variable states of my DFHS hihats.

Answered November 30, at If you have any other issues, or cannot sign in, please visit our Forum Talk Section for common remedies. It was straight forward, and I though the velocity curve I obtained was slightly better than when I had tried the PD That lead to discovering that the unit does not send Aftertouch messages which is documented correctly in the MIDI Implementation at the back of the manual.


Originally posted by grandaddy View Post. That’s a wrap for now. Previous 1 2 3 4 10 template Next. After that I plan on slowly adding the rest of the simbals. If you cannot post, please visit this topic for your solution. If you using USB, it can also be powered through it.

Alesis Trigger iO experiences – VDrums Forum

Once initiated, continuous control variable control of the hihat pedal was fine. The bigger problem was the Edge switch. I spent about 16 hours with this unit, hoping to discover alesid secret config that would work for me that never came.

Specifically, the custom programming capabilities include everything from sensitivity and MIDI-channel assignment to velocity curve and threshold and pad type.