I don’t want to write bytes everytime, do I? Yes A sequence references several jobs, which are executed during a communication sequence. SPI is a single master protocol wherein the other slave cannot become master during any stage of communication. But watch out, if you use SC3 or SC4 e. Then, according to the types of these Channels, the appropriate methods shall be called.

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AUTOSAR-like SPI Driver

This parameter enables or not the Chip Select handling functions. That means the first Job shall have the highest priority of all Jobs within the Sequence. On the other, it specifies the behaviour of each level and also the allowed optional features.

SPI baud rate is configurable.

This parameter allows or not this Sequence to be suspended by another one. I would recommend to contact Renesas for this topic.

A maximum size for the Channel buffer shall be defined by the configuration. Allow me to follow up with a question regarding SPI communication and the buffers setup.

Jobs have priorities assigned. Views Page Discussion View source History.

How to do SPI communication throught DMA using AUTOSAR? – AUTOSAR | XING

In case call end notification function and rescheduling are fully done by hardware, the order could not be configured as required; the order shall be completely documented.


A Channel used aufosor a communication should have its parameters configured but it is allowed aytosor pass Autoskr pointers as source and destination pointers to generate a dummy communication. Documentation for Arccore Autosar 4 solution version 4. A simple synchronous communication means that the user calling the transfer service is blocked during the ongoing communication. If you are sure you don’t need any OS services I guess 1 or 2 special ones are allowed anyhow, for details just read the TechRef just select CAT1 for them.

This Chip Select handling shall be done according to the Job configuration parameters.

This parameter contains the maximum size number of data elements of data buffers in case of EB Channels and only. A Sequence is a number of consecutive Jobs but it can be rescheduled between Jobs using a priority mechanism. It shall be possible to define if the Chip Select handling is managed autonomously by the HW peripheral, without explicit chip select control by the driver, or the SPI driver shall drive the chip select lines explicitly as DIO.

We did above method as we had stringent performance requirements specified for SPI data transfer.

For EB Channels the application shall provide the buffering and shall take care of the consistency of the data in the buffer during communication. To autsoor honest, use case specific requirements related to timing etc most probably will not be covered in general with “generic” implementations like the standard products from semiconductor vendor ones A Job is composed of one or several Channels with the same Chip Select is not released during the processing of Job.


When Transmission command has not been accepted. Priority order of jobs shall be from the lower to the higher value defined, higher value higher priority from 0, the lower to 3, the higher, limited to 4 priority autoosor.

May be I will try contacting Renesas Team or someone who has used it. Only visible to XING members. Reference to configured DEM event to report “Hardware failure”.

how to use spi module of mcal in autosar about mpc5744

So it would not have any xpi connection to DMA functionality. Just keep in mind that Configurator Pro does only configure but not generate code.

This could be sppi case for ECU with a lot of functions related to SPI networks having different priorities but also for ECU using external devices with different speeds. Allowed Channel Buffers, which is selected. Closely linked to SpiJob. Contents 1 Synopsis 1. The size of the Channel buffer is either fixed or variable.