This soundset features mostly patches for Ambient, Soundscapes and Atmospherics, but also some other classic stuff, for example, some bass and sequencer sounds for e. Some of these cookies are used for visitor analysis, others may be necessary for the website to function properly. The use of samples, wavetables and comb filters can potentially limit the polyphony to single digits. Thanks to deep, multitimbral programming Blofeld acts as piece electronic drum module. Overdrive, Saturation, Distortion, Shaping You name it. From warm and soft for those typical L. Arp Variations by Andrey Osa This sound set contains various patterns of arpeggiator of various categories and styles.

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Blofeld Soundsets

Analog Voltage by Don Solaris Originally started as quiz game on one musical forum in which users were required to guess which sounds originated from the Blofeld and which from Juno There are two basic modes: Waldorf Blofeld Sound Trip.

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This website uses cookies to store information on your computer. It will take you straight to arpeggiator-heaven, as has already happened to thousands of Waldorf customers. When introduced, the Blofeld’s OS carried numerous bugs and sohnd.

The use of samples, wavetables and comb filters can potentially limit the polyphony to single digits. There are two filters configurable in series or parallel with 2-pole or 4-pole Low pass, Band pass, and High pass, as well as Notch, two screaming Comb filters and an emulation of the analog PPG Wave filter.


Waldorf Blofeld

There’s a high frequency buzz that’s quite audible This operation is just one of several at your service. You probably know that Waldorf synthesizers are well loved for their sound character, and the Blofeld is certainly no exception.

Ingo Lbofeld This soundset contains various classic analog and digital sounds, similar to well known synthesizers such as PPG Wave 2. Think “organ percussion blofwld, for instance. The rotary encoders can skip values, USB can drop data and the overall feel seems to have been dictated by cost-saving decisions. All sounds on highest level of musical playability, usability and inspiration.

When the sample RAM option is used available standard on the keyboard model or as an expansion option for the desktop moduleOsc1 and Osc2 can load user samples that act as regular sound sources instead of the analog modeled waveforms or wavetables for even more unique sound possibilities.

Brilliance also affects the sawtooth and pulse oscillator models. The noise generator delivers white noise that can be filtered low or high pass, depending on the Noise Colour setting. Filters The Blofeld has two multimode filters per voice that can be routed in series or in parallel. I was listening to the Blofeld on YT and loved the sounds so I bought a barely used one was aware of the encoder problem on the Blofeldsdespite Waldorf Blofeld Monster Pack progressive trance.

The use of the registered mark here is only indicative of the type of instruments our product is intended for. You can use such custom-made modulation sources in any of the modulation slots described above. Waveforms – All Q Oscillator models: The Blofeld offers a freely controllable “Drive” behind each filter with more than a dozen curves.


It is probably not, however, the first choice for faithful analog recreations. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Sounds were carefully programmed into Blofeld to match Juno 60 as close as possible. Analog modelingWavetableFM.

LDX116 – Monster Pack V.2 – Waldorf Blofeld / Desktop

These can be used to thicken bass and pad sounds or to create percussive, string or flute sounds reminiscent of physical modelling.

In effect it is possible and practical to program new patches from scratch via the UI, which, given the complexity of the engine, is remarkable. Up, down and alternate figures, selectable play order from low to high note, low to high velocity, as played or reversed, variable note length, different velocity modes.

Ghost Keys 2 The Blofelf types can be used to act as additional LFOs, while the One Shot is perfectly suited for percussion sounds which typically ignore the note release.