As you can see from the pictures, the Antec KSB is more of a very dark gray rather than black. The short answer I received was that there can be incompatibilities between professional gear the Delta DiO card and consumer gear I’ll try locking my preamp into DD or DTS tonight rather than let it auto detect the mode. As everyone knows regarding digital Vs. Unless your actual cables are broken, I don’t think updating cables will make any difference. Not the least expensive setup, but hard to match for sound quality. Both DSPs are from Crystal: Want to enjoy fewer advertisements and more features?

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But in kernels 2.

Linux HTPC How-to

I would venture that for listening to lossy formats, it doesn’t help whatsoever, but who knows? The photos aren’t the greatest and they’re a bit over exposed but this will give you some idea. Both DSPs are from Crystal: Mitsumi purchased from directron. The TheaterTek and XP30 players were also at their default settings.

The bass is very clear, as are the highs. Biostar T-Force Opteron x10 1. Turtle Beach Santa Cruz Hauled the whole shootin’ match downstairs and borrowed a projector from work. There are 0 registered and anonymous users currently online. Then if you need help setting it up please refer to our web site at www.


During my screen material tests I briefly switched back to the Chaintwch player in stereo mode and I could swear that the picture was much more vibrant and rich. A sound card able to do 24 bit playback, is it a better for listening music ag515m a sound card with able to play max 16 bit?

4-speaker surround problem – Games – Quarter To Three Forums

I also decided to play a game of driver roulette. The second set, show the same frames displaying p. Look at M-Audio Revolution 7. The Home is used with Sennheiser s and sounds awfully good. And it has a lot more detail on too and is at x Well all things considered If you have to run a long length of fiber it could be expensive.

Chaintech-excel Av515m Review (owners chime in)

Fiber cable isn’t cheap. These shots were taken from a THX intro displayed on a 19″ Trinitron flat screen monitor.

After the DreamWorks intro to Gladiator, it starts showing various scenes with bright flashes between them. I am using the Clue Blue but there are other cable options. Upgraded the driver to 4. I still haven’t received a number of parts but wanted to get started.


During this sequence, the ATI player will stutter and lock up at the first bright flash. Audiophile cards Right now, the only audiophile card that is reported to work is the M-Audio card.

All times are GMT Linux and Windows – No Boot. The Philips is much clearer than the Realtek. Switched to the Delta DiO 4.

You don’t need a full sound card at all fhaintech do this really. If you have any other motherboard, chances are slim to none that it will work.