I’m not going to tell you there are no splits After trying out a few things, I discovered that static buildup was causing the random clicks when the unit was on the floor, even though I’m on a static mat. Login or Sign Up. Oh I’m not sure what the right answer would be with the RP? This unit is going back for an exchange. Fortunately the Digitech box is rather sturdy and my unit survived in spite of one crushed corner.

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It’s fp250 more of a testament to a processor’s quality when the “neutral” setting is so good. And yes, this processor, like all guitar processors, is a compromise. I bought this from American Musical Supply because of the free shipping from Nevada to California, only 2 days.

DigiTech RP Drivers – Should I Remove It?

No registered users and 35 guests. So I guess the one with USB should be enough for me. This unit is going back for an exchange. The time now is I just got my RP today. I could select the Digitech as the input on Reaper but there was no sound nor something being recorded Fender Kurt Cobain Mustang Effects: The is a great little unit and easy to use so I am glad I got some resolution to the issue.

I even changed the power adapter to a different household circuit digiteh hopes that it was just power line noise coming through. Moriador on November 29, I listened for breaks in the obvious musical places, and upon repeated listenings, maybe it sounds a little different, but like you say, that could be chalked up to human variance.


There aren’t any current guitar processors that urge me to play them, and the only VST plugin I ever felt that way about is the FreeAmp2 VST, but it really only has one type of overdrive sound despite the multitude of patches. When I go to a music store and plug into an amp, the really good amps make me want to play them more and experiment with sounds.

I will run into the same issues of latencies and my computer not knowing which audio source to take as a priority and ASIO drivers not being launch because of “asio used by another application” sort of thing. One thing I noticed right away is that the factory overdrive patches don’t really invite me to play with them.

That is also why I never bought a modelling amp, too many settings. No, create an account now.

Using Digitech RP as interface to record using reaper+AT3?

The ASIO system is pretty much the standard for any serious music production use. Ill double check my setup. Any help on getting input from the USB and output to the sound card would be appreciated. Looks line I’ll have to get a line conditioner for my studio. Adio, I’m at firmware version 1. Glad that the RP measures up in that regard. I prefer my speakers, like you. In this case, you would still be using ASIO drivers, you just wouldn’t need to worry about tweaking and tuning them.


Send a private message to capthook. I can’t set up the audio device setting in Reaper to record from the USB connect and listen to audio from Reaper at the same time. In this case the RP is the way it seems I should go. But if you want to “reamp” your unprocessed guitar signal with different software I think you will want to bypass all processing on the pedal so that you just record the signal as it is coming straight out of the guitar.

I was honest from the get go There’s 3 different recordings of the same rhythm part. rl250

So, I ended up asi the RP today instead of the Floor POD I was totally put off by the Floor POD’s “feature” where when you exit the tuner no matter if you have the expression pedal heel down, it will output the current patch at full volume Finally you mentionned also line 6 and others.

Hey dwerlin, nice playing – I listened several times, couldn’t hear the difference.