If the serial port and converter both test working, then the problem is likely with the port settings in emanage. Using your hands pull this back and unravel it to reveal the four wires on the inside. Greddy E-manage Refine Results. There’s alot of people out there that claim a normal USB cable will work but its not true, there are some cable’s that will work out there but they have to be specificly made for the Emanage unit, its best just purchasing the real cable, this is for the Emanage Blue only though. No use for it now.

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I tried version 1. You can keep a close eye on what is happening internally with the vehicles you rely on.

I believe a main unit update may do the same as well communications menu. If it prompts for a file, select ccable one that shows up in the dialog box or look for one within the emanage program directory.

First Bkue connect it to the computer and then I connect the power supply. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Make sure your using the right COM port or just try each one.


Copy all files except eUp. After the serial loopback test is confirmed working if not your laptop is busted. Emanage can be downloaded from this emanage group on yahoo. Turn on the car ACC and then start emanage.

Greddy E-manage

No, create an account now. You will need one of these that will accept an operating voltage of 5 volts.

Stupid double post shite. Well the usb port on the emanage blue is not a true usb interface, the port on the EMB is a TTL module with a usb female plug. If not, what kind of cable should we ask from our local computer shop? Skip to main content. If your laptop no longer support a serial DB9 port you will have to use a usb-serial adapter with the DIY cable. How can I make it work?

An easy way to supply voltage is to get two wires with stripped ends, rig three AA batteries together in series and use electrical tape to get a wire at each end on the contact.

CCmusic Power Performance and Accessories.

those with emanage blue, which is the communication cable? (pic)

This is a universal unit designed for use on specific manual transmission equipped vehicles. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links.


Yes, my password is: EXE, it will ask for an extraction directory and defaults to a temporary directory. If you’re emanagr bit handy, you could use emajage like this: Good working used Greddy Emanage Ultimate with software cd, box, and usb cable.

Patrick November 16, at 8: What it really is, is described later. Yes you need to download the software and install the drivers which you can get from here: Using your hands pull this back and unravel it to reveal the four wires on the inside. When I give it power both active green and Interaction orange lights turn on, Non-blinking.

Emanagd you believe it, how many years has it been since i had this of you. If this has helped you let me know! A Greddy gauge is designed specifically to cooperate with the e-Manage suite, giving you the most accurate results possible vlue you take the time to sit down and diagnose your car.