This article relating to electronic musical instruments is a stub. Initially when you switch on the Fantom, you would be taken through a cool demo. It was introduced in as an upgrade from the Fantom S series. The Strings patches are also note-worthy, providing a lot of Pizzicato and Staccato patches like the “Delicate Pizzicato” and “Staccato Vs” especially. This can not only be used for just playing any piano sound, but can be used for user – favourite sounds as well. I love the “Basement” and the “X finger” bass.

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A partial follow up to the Roland Fantom-X is the Integra-7 z8 module. Mallets, organs, accordions, several types of guitar patches ranging from acoustic – distort – electric and bass, wind flute, brass styles, synths and FX, pads, plucks, ethnic, percussion, grooves and beats are some of the main preset patches. The Strings patches are also note-worthy, providing a lot of Pizzicato and Staccato patches like the “Delicate Pizzicato” and “Staccato Vs” especially.

The preset library provides 1, patches with GM2 sounds. The “Chorus” processor does not provide a lot of options and sticks to only 3 basic presets.

Synth FX and sounds are great. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The keys are extremely soft and delicate, but very strong and durable. In it was succeeded by the Fantom-G, which was devised to compete with the new Korg and Yamaha flagship keyboards. Fantom X8, Workstation from Roland in the Fantom series.


“A perfect workstation Monster!” – Reviews Roland Fantom X8 – Audiofanzine

Cons 1 Extremely heavy-weight. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. I was very much impressed by the internal logistic design and the capabilities offered for every musician. This is a feature that every user has to experience themselves as each note has been sampled at multiple velocities providing you pristine touch sensitive playback experience.

We are dealing with power hungry heavy machines, not toys.

There are two basic splits that comes when you start working, looking at your in-built LCD screen, the keyboard and the pad option. Therefore either you have to connect this device to a pair of speakers, headphones or work via a system.

Roland Fantom-X6 – Key Workstation with 8-Track FANTOM-X8 B&H

The Mastering option takes things onto a different level completely. Not that detailed but very smart choice. Views Read Edit View history. Scroll through some amazing effects such as the “telephone”, “3d delay”, “limiter”, “gate”, “overdrive”, “distortion”, “auto-pan”, which are some of my favourites. There are 78 variety of effects at your disposal.

Did you find this review helpful? They provide good soundscape with nice depth and layer-detailing. Next to the Fantom-X Roland put into the production the Fantom-G which included twice more waveform memory, more patches, voice polyphony [4] ,advanced and easy to use sequencer.

Roland Fantom X8 88-key Sampling Workstation X-8

One thing I most love about this workstation is the new Live Piano mode, when enabled, completely transforms the workstation into an 88 – key split stereo sampled progressive hammer-actioned Grand Piano mode. I find the Wind patch section very useless. Fantom X8 also provides you with 8 different combination sounds giving you some layered sounds Though I did not like it very muchfelt like Roland just wanted to add them for the sake of it.


As I mentioned earlier, one has to experience playing this in order to understand how your fingers would feel while touching them.

Roland Fantom-X

There are several hard-ware external connections that can be made to the Fantom X8. Jazz Chorus Micro Cube. I had to, no choice.

This page was last edited on 31 Augustat When the keyboard option is enabled, the preset patches comes with fwntom wide variety of sound styles such as basic acoustic piano and electric piano models.

The user memory and the card memory holds up-to patches as well.

Overall, the patches are well made and designed. The Pitch-bend and the Modulation lever is provided in one same joystick controller towards the left side of the keyboard.