The HP printer that we used 8 years ago is still running well despite the product has discontinued I would rather go back to HP.. Terrible product, don’t purchase. It constantly gets confused about paper sizing A4 and US and then reprints the first page over and over. CMFW Good allrounder for price and specs. After 9 Mths it refuses to scan. Do the same marks appear when a document is copied?

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Oh, one more issue, it does not like cardboard or thick paper. I’ll wait until I hear from you before I take any action, and thank you very much for your answers up to now.

The time now is I operate the printer on wireless without a problem. CMFW A crappy infuriating printer.

I have persevered for years with multiple issues of network IP addresses not remaining fixed, the scanner working intermittently with “name resolve errors” and despite connecting the printer with an ethernet and resetting all the settings, the problems still reappear after a few months.

It now occupies way too much space in my rubbish guji.

It’s a multifunction and when I tried the scanner, the end result was two thick lines down one side, one black, one grey. Sadly I bought this printer so that I could print wirelessly, but it is frankly impossible.


Companies can’t alter or remove reviews from ProductReview. I’m certain it can be repaired, however I have no idea at what cost.

Great as a paperweight. Never tried the fax though. My model was so faulty that Fuji Xerox decided to replace it, but they would not restart their one-year warranty from the date of delivery of the replacement.

FujiXerox printer: cm205fw…scanner problem

Prices for the printer itself are fine, refills are fine but this product has one massive down factor. The scanner doesn’t work – never cm025fw. Easy to configure and a excellent printer. When the picture is previewed the two lines are there to see, even though they are not on the document I’m scanning. Won’t connect to the computer, use WPS, scan to Mac, print documents, etc.

Then it threw up a message ck205fw “error Yes I only use WiFi and have 3 pc’s connected to the printer. This issue was only resolved after the technician has totally changed another version of sensor after seeing me coming back for the same issue a few cm25fw.

It powers on when you flick the switch.

FujiXerox printer: cmfwscanner problem – Tech Support Forum

I have owned my Fuji Xerox for 5 years, has not given any problems at all. Have this all in one printer for two years now. While in the warranty period, this printer does not work due to the sensor defects, and I had to send it back several times to the service centre which is located more than 60km away whereas most other printer brands provide onsite service in the same time.


I confess I am not a techo, but a qualified one lives in the house and he cannot make the wi-fi work. I have to assume you have already done the obvious and cleaned the scanner glass and platen. Although replaced the expensive IOT unit the IOT included new fuser assembly, new drum and development parts and etcit still fail after working for s very short period. The weight is reasonable. Since that time it has been an utter hindrance and caused endless headaches and frustration.

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And, whether it can be fixed? Ok, but that’s just to set it up, but have to do this again and again – when a blackout, or resetting of modem. The biggest piece of crap that I exrox ever used.

I thought they are the no 1 in this space