No luck so far, same problem on all OS. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Now all the drives will be shown in the right-side ” Drive Groups ” window. The controller, being ever diligent and terrifying, will warn you about the risks of using write-back caching only when the BBU is healthy. Feel free to use a ‘ Name ‘ if you like. Thursday, March 15, 5: Here we see a controller with 24 1.

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Drivers & downloads

By default, the controller suggests RAID level 6. You will also note that the drives will have their activity LEDs blink for some time. I have the same server but haven’t been able to install the OS. I cannot find an instruction.

When using the virtual drive all OSs I did try to install detect the partitions as “read-only”. There’s a general presumption that, if you know enough to download it in the first place, you also know enough to burn it properly.

Highlight one of the ” UG ” disks to open the ” Operations ” menu. I will appreciate any help. Thanks for the pointers. We are taken back to the ” Virtual Drives ” window and our new rraid is shown. The ” Create Virtual Drive ” option is already ts100.


Most forums do have a variety of skill levels depending the problem To make life easier, the controller gives you the option of performing an ” Automatic Configuration “, but we’re control freaks.

ServerView RAID Manager

Thursday, March 15, We’re building a new array, so in our case and most ofteninitialization is desired. Thursday, March 15, 5: I did google ISO and found similar links as you pointed me to Failing that, you might want to see if you can successfully install Windows Server R2.

Any questions, feedback, advice, complaints or meanderings are welcome. Rakd we’re going to select ” Manual Configuration ” and the click on ‘ Next ‘.

ServerView RAID Manager

Please adapt as necessary. Board fujitxu All times are UTC. As Travis has pointed out, what you want to install on your Fujitsu box is fully supported by Fujitsu. This process destroys any and all existing data on the array.

Browse to your DVD drive letter: If this was a single-server setup, that would be perfectly sensible. Sign in to vote. In our case that is OK, so we’ll click ‘ Yes ‘. It is meant to be a “quick-start” guide to help you get under way with building an Anvil!


TX S2 SBS lsi drivers – Fujitsu Support Forum

Don’t commit a significant amount of data to your evaluation software, because there is no graceful path from evaluation to fully licensed. We will use ‘global hot spare’ here. Edited by 7ravis Wednesday, February txx100, 4: Note, however, that Windows Home Server will want to repartition the system drive; if you have any data on that drive right now you will need to back it up if you care about it.

However, should new drives be added in the future and a second array created, this will prevent problems. Do note that the ‘ Operation: This is the one I’m using, so it should be correct, but if it doesn’t work, try the t100 drivers in that folder.

I have to investigate more, but at least, I know I can make it work.