Some time ago we dealt with some cards coming with this function. The fan is silvery and is well matched with the heatsink. But the cards from Gainward and Albatron are undoubted leaders. All words are written not just stuck to the box. MSI MXx – this card has the richest software bundle. Look how strongly the GeForce4 MX based cards depend on the memory’s speed.

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Because beside shaders and beautiful waters from Morrowind, users need stability in games and certain protection from bugs. There are quite interesting samples among the tested cards.

Gainward GeForce 4 MX/Ti AGP 8X XP

Now it’s time to estimate the boxes and their “insides”. Even at default settings gefogce4 Radeon would outperform the Gainward card with over 3D-Marks.

BioShock Infinite and Metro: The cooler of the Triplex card is attached to the chip so rigidly that I decided not to take it off because of possible damage.

Still there remained a geofrce4 with the refresh rate which was locked to 60Hz.

Gainward NVIDIA Geforce4 MX 440 64mb AGP Video Card – Gf4mx440-se

Concerning the Tix you should require 3D-glasses, ViVo and Firewire in order to motivate a purchase of this card. If you buy a card in this price range you would expect them to perform well even with both these requiring gfeorce4 enabled. It uses a package of the GeForce4 MX card, but there is a sticker above saying that it has 3.


Therefore the performance is somewhat mediocre. Triplex Millennium Silver GeForce4 MX This is a very pleasant design which perfectly combines the pink color of the box and a silvery card.

The only downside is that it doesn’t have any games coming with it. Even with 2xFSAA enabled the picture remains more or less the same. The chart below shows the operating speeds of the NV18 and NV28 compared to its predecessors. Some time ago we dealt with some cards coming with this function.

Even though the Ti was a lot cheaper than the flagship model the Ti, there was still a large gap to fill in the low-end market.

All words are written not just stuck to the box. In case of almost all modern 3D accelerators 2D quality can depend much on a certain sample, and it’s impossible to test all cards; 2D quality also depends on a monitor and a cable; Besides, it depends on friendliness of a certain monitor toward a certain video card.

Gainward NVIDIA Geforce4 MX 64mb AGP Video Card – Gf4mxse | eBay

The tests were carried out in the 32bit mode. Each of them has both advantages and disadvantages. But note that the standard MXx chip can be cooled down by a usual heatsink and the 3.

They tried to attract attention by new accessories and a weird appearance. As far as the tested samples are concerned, I can say that together with the ViewSonic P monitor and a BNC Bargo cable they showed excellent quality at the following resolutions and frequencies: But note that I didn’t test its effectiveness, maybe I will do very soon.


The card is supplied with adapters only for TV-out; software for Video-In is lacking as well. Therefore a new revision of these core products was presented last november, the NV18 and NV28 which the cards in this review are built around. By the way, all these comparisons are included in our 3Digest.

Gainward GeForce 4 MX440/Ti4200 AGP 8X XP

The MX loses gainard the GeForce3 Tibut the overclocking makes them faster, and sometimes the Ti is not able to keep gegorce4 leading position. All main characteristics of the card and its accessories are written on the box. Being part of a newer generation of video cards one would except the Radeon to do some serious damage to the older Ti 8x, but this is not the case on our test system.

Especially it concerns those users who are going to get new cards for their old cases the power of which is often low. This is in fact an MX Certainly the card features numerous improvements over its predecessor where the faster operating clock speeds is gainwaed most significant one. But first of all, take a look at the articles of already reviewed cards based on the GeForce4 MX.