Edited by sweetswingin, 07 April – Have you taking both drivers to the range together and hit balls with both? Berger 2 Member Joined: They were either good off the tee or the fairway, but none of them were great off of both. I will say that my strategy is changing also.

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Hitting R11 without weights in the head

It may also scratch very easily, but that is why they make headcovers. I was looking forward to seeing how it performed under links golf conditions, and also to experimenting with its setup as I went along. But at best you are still out. Many times I do not even carry a fairway metal and use taylorjade hybrid instead.

The green is 15 feet from ob. Were you fitted for this R11 by TM? Many people do not like the looks, I happento now love it.

Can’t hrit my R11 driver Just found this forum after posting on another site.

You might pick up 20, maybe 30 yards from a proper clubfitting. Welcome to The Sand Trap. Splunge26 0 Member Joined: Posted 26 July – Now having tired first their R11 driver and then the R11 fairway wood, I see that they are not the number 1 driver on tour for nothing. Seeing all the white drivers on TV sort of put me in the mood to try one.


TaylorMade R11S driver is a step beyond the rest

Very workable as well. My test method was pretty straight forward.

I have had the R11 driver for about two weeks and decided that a 3 wood would go nicely so I decided to try one. I wouldn’t sweat it. When it’s in the toe it makes a big difference but I guess in the heel it doesn’t make as much difference, which makes sense since it’s close to the shaft. What was your first shaft, and what are you swinging now? But even a perfect taylprmade shot will leave you 30 – 70 yards from the green or so.

A couple pars, bogeys, doubles, and even a triple. This is actually the straight away yard par 4 12th hole. Great Big Bertha January 4, Last active: I’ll play a few rounds with this set up and see if we can brake This club was 7 of 7. A lot of things.

TaylorMade R11 Fairway Review – Unofficial Forum Member Product Reviews – MyGolfSpy Forum

HI I was on the Standard Burner 9. There were no hits at all that felt like true mishits at all. Are you using the stock length shaft and stock grip? So, I have found that hitt 6 iron, off the tee, will get to the top of the hill and roll leaving me or so out, which depending on the flag is a 5, 6 or 7 iron. G 5W, Rogue Heavenwood Hybrids: Also, many of the more modern FM I have tried have game improvement features that really get the tylormade up in the air and keep you from slicing the ball.


I really I don’t know how else I can get the swingweight down, I like the ball flight with the 10g in the heel but this hih is kind of heavy for a driver, I don’t want to shorten it or add weight in the grip either