Log in Don’t have an account? IBM warrants that the ThinkPad notebook will conform to its Official Published Specifications when used in a suitable physical operating environment. A large number of publications are available online in various file formats, which can currently be downloaded free of charge. Each pointing device has its own set of buttons which, like the keyboard, offer great tactile response. Rescue and Recovery – Master boot record repair kit Switch to the innovative magnifying glass feature to enlarge screen views in any application.

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Service centers in certain countries may not be able to service all models of a particular machine type.

bluetoith For information on terms and conditions or warranty service, call the HelpCenter. For more information, visit: The battery pack is an internal power source to the computer when the ac adapter is not available. I further checked using Hitachi drive fitness testing tool which reported a cable error on each machine.

Selected ThinkPad notebooks are enabled for ImageUltra. IBM also took advantage of Centrino technology and the Pentium M processor to develop a new line of notebook computers.

Other company, product, and service names may be trademarks or service marks of others.

IBM ThinkPad T40 Bluetooth PCI Modem Combo 39T | eBay

This worked for a short period but the problem has returned a couple of months later and has spread like a virus it now affects 6 out of the 7 notebooks. For a list of tips about running various versions of operating systems, visit the IBM electronic support site at: Accessibility by People with Disabilities Bluetoofh following features support use by people with disabilities: For additional ServicePac information, visit: A different Li-Ion battery pack with three cells, fits into the Ultrabay Slim.


This product has been tested and certified to be interoperable by the Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance and is authorized to carry the Wi-Fi logo.

The pin connector supports these optional docking solutions: To register for this service, call one of the following offices: Originally I returned 3 of these for repair as they were just outside the warranty period and the supplier checked with Gigabyte with the fix being to rub the cable all over with an eraser!! We have 7 of this model notebook and now 6 of them have reported the same problem.

The maximum temperature when the system is on is linearly decreased from 8, ft to 10, ft.

Depending on model, the shipment group contains the following items: Rescue and Recovery v3. The tactile feedback of the T40 keyboard is astonishing. As a result the control key is shifted slightly to the h40p. Description Leadership Design Shock absorber to help prevent HDD crashes when system is placed on a hard surface while in use UltraConnect antenna to help optimize frequency coverage and performance for improved wireless LAN connectivity around the world; supports 2.


The battery performance is fantastic at 6. ThinkVantage Client Security Solution 8. For the latest information on options available for the ThinkPad T40 models and other ThinkPad notebooks, visit: Public networks currently limit maximum download speeds to about 53 Kbps.

Check with your telephone and Internet service providers for availability. A nine-cell Li-Ion optional battery pack is available for even Longer battery hours of operation.

You can obtain IWS through the method of service, such as depot, carry-in, or on-site, bluetioth in the servicing country.

IBM ThinkPad T40 Bluetooth PCI Modem Combo 39T0065

No Extended Maintenance Option: The T40p LED lights. Harsh environments and abuse can damage ThinkPads since they are not intended to withstand extreme temperatures, dust, shock, or other severe physical environments.

If the original shipping carton t0p not available, the courier will deliver a shipping carton and pick up the system for delivery to the repair location. Update for Rescue and Recovery versions 2.