Missing out on something In early , S3 retired the Savage3D and released the Savage4 family. Return to General Old Hardware. Thanks to all Reply 19 –

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Retro S3 Savage 4 AGP Video Card 16mb With DFP Support PN 144307-001

It causes missing textures, errors in geometry and z3, and minimal performance benefits. Reply 26 – Only one major board-vendor, Hercules, made any real effort to ship a Savage3D product. A cool chased lucky. Innovisioon x4 32MB though there was no Savage 4 Ultra chip, actually the Savage was a great improvement compared to the Savage 4 eXtreme, but technically the Savage could do a quad texture format in a single pass, the Savage4 eXtreme had to do that in two seperate passes, onwhich was alot slower.

If you have something interesting, I’ll write here. It’s probably similar to what Glide gets you with a Voodoo compared to D3D. Progress Report pumped a bunch bios and drivers tviknutyh, reference, from other manufacturers result – BIOS resident failed to load no. So you can just ditch innovosion.


S3 refined the chip, fixing hardware bugs and streamlining the chip for both cost reduction and performance. Generally the standard advice. It was a sign of things to come though of course.

Reply 25 – Google [Bot]MMaximus and 13 guests. The compressed textures were a vast improvement over the standard textures used on all other cards.

From the less powerful to the most powerful: Board index All times are UTC. Reply 15 – Remove the acceleration, if it is not removed. Savage supported S3’s S3TC texture compression, a hardware transform and lighting engine named “S3TL”, and was equipped with a “QuadTexture Engine” capable of a single quad-textured pixel per clock or 2 dual-textured pixels per clock.

Last edited by GL1zdA on The entire Savage line was a failure safage4 because of shitty savage44.

You put a standard VGA-driver. If not properly install – then start with 8. Last edited by swaaye on I also wanted to try out Unreal Gold but didn’t see a way to get it to work with S3 Metal so I gave up.


Users browsing this forum: Bao or Edmundoab could help with a translation also you could ude Sabage4 ofcourse.

Reply 24 – I bet that it would be a better experience than even faster cards stuck on the D3D driver. Blah, you have to the same PCI.

Retro S3 Savage 4 AGP Video Card 16mb With DFP Support PN | eBay

What is the set-up of your machine? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. But the core – bit, innovisioh right. I’m thinking that UT, thanks to S3 Metal, is the best game for this card. I tried it with Quake 3 and couldn’t feel a speed change but there were graphics issues that appeared.

Combined with poor drivers and the chip’s lack of multitexturing support, the Savage3D failed in the market.