I can tell you close to the same story with KDS Laptops too. I thought at first that it was defective so I exchanged it twice. I’d say 1 in 5 have problems in less than 6 months. I also bought thier lowest of the low-end one for my mother. Feb 14, Posts: Its a great montor, had good color, and can handle x at 90hz no problamo. Note that I have had this monitor above it’s ‘optimal’ refresh rate 75hz, I use

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The 17″ is 3 years old and the 19″ is 2 years old.

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omnitor Grade A screens do not have any blemishes or scratches and exhibit great picture quality and brightness. Benchmarking Software and Discussion Overclock. No, but it’s usually the case.

Quote message in reply? Both replacements were the same.

Trading 17″ KDS XFlat Monitor and NF7-S for Low-End laptop! | [H]ard|Forum

We sell mostly KDS monitors here at work and are quite happy with them. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use. Shudder Ars Legatus Legionis Tribus: The back panel had a manufacture date of only 8 months prior so I put it in my car got home called KDS shipped them the bad one and they shipped a good one back to me.


Power cord and VGA cable included. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Fri Apr 11, 1: The only KDS monitor I ever had 17″, x was amazing: Thu Apr 10, 3: Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links.

The monitor has a VGA monitir. The first type is produced with the internal side of the display glass curved in both the vertical and horizontal directions, the second display type has the glass curved in only the horizontal direction and the third uses glass which is perfectly flat. Show only see all. Sorry that I couldn’t display prettier pictures. Or gets used when I’m home between semesters and don’t feel like unpacking my fpw. I’ve personally owned a KDS monitor.

Even backlight, very sharp, no ghosting, fast refresh, great colors. KDS Manufacturer Item s will have a 4″x2″ ods inventory label, see pictures. For me, it just isn’t worth taking the chance on the monitor giving me grief, not being able to unload the thing for more than 10cents on the dollar in a year or two, and the pleasure of knowing that I supported a company with my hard earned money that produces ‘low-end’ products. Fri Apr mmonitor, This kvs either does not contain copyright-eligible parts or visuals of copyrighted software, or the author has released it under a free license which should be indicated beneath this noticeand as such follows the licensing guidelines for screenshots of Wikimedia Commons.


If this is the same monitor Office Depot was selling for a similar price last year, then I’m definatly thinking about getting it.

Very good monitors for the price, but their RMA policy is why we keep buying from them Do you always get what you pay for? I would say try the monitor monutor another computer just to be sure, and then go ahead and just exhange it for a new one. It’s your money, though Trinitron tubes use a grille mask which has two dampening wires running horizontally. This leaves me with a couple of questions Beautiful picture on it too.