Conflicts on serial ports can be handled by disabling the kernel serial driver for that port. If lircd fails to configure this automatically it can be done manually:. Another method is to boot the system without the usb device connected, and do a lsmod. Ask Ubuntu works best with JavaScript enabled. It must also use standard key symbols from the namespaceii as described above.

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If this doesn’t work, it might be the end of the road and you might need to use the lirc driver option instead. In the following example one will make some lirf on the driver table used by the nuvoton remote shipped with the Xtreamer Ultra V1.

When i use older 2. From Official Kodi Wiki.

Recently, after I upgraded to See full activity log. In the contrib directory is an example file for the these devices called lirc.

This example can be adapted to any remote. Mario Limonciello superm1 wrote on However, when using hardware connected to e.


Using that, pressing an up-arrow on the remote works the same way as pressing the up-arrow on a keyboard. If it works this way, it should also work using lircd.

If this is the case or you want deeper control over the configuration then use inputlirc. Use this instead in the -c option to let lirc-config-tool make it’s work.

Images and video may be under a different copyright. So, before looking for a suitable driver use dmesg to find out the name as described in Appendix 2.

HOW-TO:Set up LIRC – Official Kodi Wiki

Some of the remote configuration files on sourceforge are seriously out of date. This example can be adapted to any remote. Please refer to more generic information to resolve problems. Another example is lirc serial drivers which conflicts with the kernel default tty driver.

When lircd not runs as root, it needs read and write access lird the kernel device it communicates with. In drv/input cases the simple method will work in a buggy way keys pressed twice, key burst, laggy key, Some devices are created as accessible only by ligc.


Most of the information above is useful, as well as the Troubleshooting section below. A complete guide is available here: Besides this, the only way to be sure is actually inspecting he sources. It’s typically used to shut down system, system volume controls etc. Email Required, but never shown. To handle this you need to define udev rules defining fixed device names. Delete the lines between begin codes liec end codes.

It is possible to run irexec either way, or both as parallel services.


Doing so you can use your desktop tools to control the service. Retrieved from ” https: After that, connect the device and make a new lsmod. If the module exists but isn’t loaded you drv/input need to load it manually using modprobe 1.