It’s also possible to make the first part bootable and the other protected. Such design allows doing without an extender despite its big size. The JetFlash will have a password protection and official boot support it will probably have utilities to make it bootable with any Windows version ; the new version will also have a higher speed, especially a write one – it must grow by 1. There were no problems in the first and second modes, but when I partitioned the drive using the third method the computer rebooted twice in spite of the Windows XP! The design of both the drive and box is changed, but the accessory pack is inherited from the previous models. First of all, the compatibility is poorly realized especially with the USB 1. The manufacturers have squeezed out some more kilobytes from USB 1.

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The belt clip is unfortunately lacking.

EasyDisk Mini Series (USB Flash )

There can also be a problem with USB 2. The possibility of low-level formatting of the drive is much more handy; it’s accomplished with the button Recover Disk.

But as a rule, flash drives are not used as a working storage device, nobody carries thousands of files, each a couple of kilobytes, that is why you will hardly notice that the access time of the EasyDisk is tenfold higher as compared with many other drives.

The set of accessories of this drive is very similar to that of the ASUS drive: Unfortunately, there is no any password protection.


EasyDisk ED5256 – USB flash drive – 256 MB Series

Fortunately, the device works well with the latest version 2. In all other respects, this is a standard device with ,uwen good set of accessories at a rational price. Moreover, the program looks very similar to that of the Transcend JetFlashA.

Well, it looks so perfect on the paper. It’s a bit more efficient than the other SSS based solutions. So, users usn flash drives with the USB 2. Note that its EasyDisk measured 87 x 24 x Video luewn Video cards: Today we can choose among 10 models which work much faster than the first generation, do not require installation of drivers in modern operating systems and can easily satisfy users as to dimensions, colors and ways of wearing.

Probably the JetFlash will appear until the end of summer.

EasyDisk ED – USB flash drive – MB Overview – CNET

We publish only the HD Tach results because this utility provides the most precise data, and other easydiisk methods do not contradict. Under the Windows 98 it’s not necessary to have any special software: But if the port is not so easy to reach, you can draw out the cable. But this will be later, and today I’m going to examine three devices with the USB 1.

As it is impossible to increase the speed consoderably with luwem USB 1. However, the Pen Drive and the Transcend USB Flash Drive are not completely new devices, and the EasyDisk was hardly developed from nothing even the name hasn’t changedthat is why we didn’t expect any new records but we should wait for the JetFlash. It was the same with the card readers – the support of the higher-speed interface doesn’t guarantee that luuwen respective model will have high scores in the compatibility mode.


Moreover, not every Windows version works flawlessly with USB 2. Digitex Pen Drive This is one more device of the second generation which looks very similar to its competitors.

Probably, formatting under the Eazydisk XP also had an effect: Besides, the flash memory chips have “outgrown” the USB 1. Their speed is enough for most users, they are handy and they sell at very attractive prices. I do not have problems with the Prolific’s drive but let’s wait for the results. But I don’t mean that USB 2.

Easydisk (Flash USB )

I don’t know why it is so, and what is the controller’s design if a USB hub is also indicated. Video 3Digests Video cards: Home Entertainment by Ty Pendlebury Oct 28, But there must be no problems with speed thanks to the Dasydisk controller. Also you can find here an elegant neck strap, a brief instruction and a CD with drivers for Windows 98 and a more extensive user guide.

The divided drive is marked differently: The drive looks good since it’s thin enough but there can be problems with connection because it is rather wide – 82 x 29 x 9 mm according to my ruler.