What matters is getting the woofer away from the floor. I wouldn’t risk hacking up a rented house with speaker spikes, compared to using non-sharp feet on the stands it’s not really much different. The extended lower end prowess that a floorstander has is always welcome, and the m73 didn57;t disappoint. Ask a question – opens in a new window or tab. Select a valid country. The s sound like a system with a subwoofer and the amount of bass reproduced is surprising and sometime even overpowering. Am I losing out on anything though?

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Matt FMay 9, As Dick Pierce said, their effect is to couple the speaker tightly to the floor, not isolate it. I then wondered if the speakers sounded as good as they looked and I was not disappointed. This allows me to move the miesion out of the way when hosting parties. Please enter a valid postcode.

The is a radically misdion speaker not only in terms of cabinet design but also in the choice of speaker drivers it employs. There are reasons why spikes MIGHT change the total integrated acoustic output of a speaker system, for example, by changing the stress loading of poorly braced cabinet, one subject to significant panel resonances, it may nission change those cabinet resonances.

DriverGuru Senator et Subscriptor Tribus: Similarly with percussive metal instruments like cymbals and triangles, ringing true without sounding tizzy or splashy 51; all that with an excellent decay of notes as well.


Mission MSM73 Floorstanding Speakers

The usual claim is that with the speakers baes carpet, since the carpet is not rigid, fore-and-aft movement of the speaker cones will make the speaker cabinet move aft-and-fore in reaction There not just for carpet. See full item description. Specs for the is a claimed sensitivity of 89dB, an impedance of six ohms, whil.

Thu Nov 28, 6: Seller information bonevile88 The small contact area doesn’t matter. It’s not very tall, but it’s surprisingly stable for such a slim speaker, and there is no need for outrigger spikes.

Bass Driver Woofer Sg18sk From Mission M73 | eBay

It won57;t go much further below 50Hz, and it would be asking too much for to ask for super fast bass. Does that “isolate” the car body from road bumps?

I can’t move them sideways, no space. The discs were made of cork with what looked like a brass top stuck on, and the brass top had a little point punched into it so that the spikes located. Ask a question – opens in a new window or tab.

But with more complex and rock-based material, things can get a bit untidy; for example, Weird Al Yankovic’s Star Wars version of American Pie had a bass too rich misskon too full. I was about to recommend dimes until I saw his post and realized pennies would be cheaper.


Mission M73 bass response | AVForums

By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Have one to sell? They are there to isolate the speaker.

RCook Ars Praefectus Tribus: A friend of mine had a pair of Celestion A2’s fuck me, they are gorgeous, no really they are and they came with the little discs. As for DriverGurus comment about springs etc, I have 4 large sponge pads 1″ thick, one in each corner between the spiked steel stands and the DMs msision that the speakers “should” be independant from the stands and isolated from the floor etc.

Mission M73 bass response

With the rich bass, the speakers seemed to prefer space and placing them at least a metre from the back and side walls allows the sound abss breathe better. Mar 26, Posts: What matters is getting the woofer away from the floor.

Fri Nov 29, 4: Keep the faith my brothers. Being magnetically shielded, the m73 will also function nicely as the front channels in a home theatre setup.