There are drivers available on the “Full Specs” tab. Thank you for reaching out to us and I hope this helps! Review More Purchases My Posts. Love the convenience of the hot keys. Add Deal Alert Nevermind. Supposedly it works fine in Gimp 2. I’ve gone from frustrated to the point of almost buying a new tablet to completely satisfied with one driver installation.

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Where can you get replacements?

Should I pay a subscription fee to always have free shipping? Purchased 5 months ago. Please, please, please someone- the USB cable that this product uses, what is the monnoprice of it? To see and take advantage of our member pricing sign up for a business account or contact our sales team. I’ve used the tablet in Photoshop as well as Blender sculpting mode.

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You gave rep to Jbh98 for this post. If it’s not registering then momoprice probably have to enable that function on the software you are using. If none of those work, contact Monoprice support, it could just be that you need an upgrade to the tablet software I had that problem.


The active area is actually a few mm larger than the gray rectangle.

Here are two quick and easy ways to find eligible items: Use the tablet to do monorpice If you have more brains than money you will buy this rather than the more expensive name brand tablets.

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Ramsey C on Oct 24, I had never used a drawing tablet with my work and thought this would be a good entry level item. Then we downloaded the driver and it did not work. Update your profile Let us wish you a happy birthday! There are many many options to work with in the driver tabs. Purchased 10 months ago. I am currently running two monitors and want to restrict the drawing area to one of those monitors.

Let us wish you a happy birthday!

Thank you for your question. I tried monoprice once. The only other option is buying a new pen.

Monoprice 10 x inch Graphic Drawing Tablet ( LPI, RPS, Levels) –

I wish Monoprice sold an even bigger tablet. A shopper on Mojoprice 6, Whatever I do when I plug the tablet in it seems to install the Windows tablet driver which doesn’t have the correct functionality. Review More Purchases My Posts. Does this tablet have a screen that displays the drawing on the tablet?


No the tablet does not have a built-in screen it will only show up on your monitor. I “turn off” the pen monoptice clicking the top of it like an ink pen when I’m not using it.

No it connects Moboprice USB to your laptop or computer and it will draw on the screen in whichever application is open. Thank you for reaching out to us and I hope this helps! It’s wired by way of a removable Mini USB cable.