Thanks for posting this resolution, I had the exactly same issue and tried all sort of HP user guide recommendations without success. Justin Paul December 3, at 4: I Thank you as well for posting this solution. You should be able to find where I have uploaded the older firmware by performing a search for keyword 1ertcollection1. Round Robin to spread the load between the two controllers on the P or fixed?

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Nicolai October 12, at 3: Server Fault works best with JavaScript enabled. Maa knows anything about it? Do you know how to use the service port to maybe reset the device to a factory default or anything else that may help? I only find iscsi best practices. Justin March 4, at 7: Lastly, I powered it all off again, removed controller A completely, then powered up the device with just Controller B installed. After this the 24 disks were assigned and carved up into some vdisks to be presented to our ESXi hosts!


Email Required, but never shown. It was shipped to me with both controllers installed and I had the same issue as you.

HPE MSA P G3 Modular Smart Array Systems (QuickSpecs/cpdf)

Justin February 6, at 3: I could not find any command for showing such information. When not helping people learn about protecting p2000 data from disasters, he is usually working on stuff in his home lab or spending time with his family. Hi Justin, Can you hot add additional trays?

Please see if any one of you can relate a possible solution to it. Everything worked this time.

It gives valuable info on what state the controllers are in. Tristan June 18, at 2: Just in case anybody else is stuck I found the command show shutdown-status really helpful in trying to find out the states of the controllers. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Related Posts Finally, a geek travel router I love! Booting off one controller has fixed the problem. No lights at back side of controllers. The only other downside that I see from the P is that its competition now offers is a unified solution.


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What you with with it and what the bytes you put on it mean are all your responsibility. Your best bet is to look at the spec page for the P Excellent, glad it worked for you.

The controller has an output port that can be used to connect to another drive enclosures. Your email address will not be published.

The LUNs exported from such storage are presented as “Here’s some storage. How should I wire them? No amber ;2000 were to be seen. Hi Justin, thanks for posting about your experience with the P G3.

Suddenly it got stopped and no amber no light.

I need to see the entire SAN storage usage, like free space, used space, raw space Atech March 29, at